SkinKraft Moderate Acne Kit For Sensitive Skin – Customized Acne Kit – Sensitive Skin Cleanser (60ml) + Sensitive Skin Moisturizer (40 ml) + Moderate Acne Serum (30ml) – 3 units

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Your 3 Step Daily Skincare For Healthy Skin
Your SkinKraft customized regimen includes 3 products, a cleanser, a moisturizer and a serum for moderate acne. 

Customized Cleanser: Cleanses and Hydrates Sensitive Skin With The Soothing And Nourishing Effects Of Olive Oil
The ideal SkinKraft cleanser for Sensitive skin is SkinKraft’s Ultra Smooth Face Cleanser, 60ml that cleanses dirt gently and relieves redness and skin sensitivity through a natural healing agent, Allantoin, known to promote skin nourishment. 

Customized Moisturizer: Ceramide- Rich, Non-Comedogenic, Restores Hydrating Agents In The Skin’s Barrier and Reduces Irritability
The next step in your recommended skin care regimen is moisturizing. The ideal moisturizer for your skin is SkinKraft’s Barrier Restorative Serum, 35ml a lightweight moisturizer customized for sensitive skin that restores the hydrating agents in the skin’s barrier. It also supplements sensitive skin with Ceramides to improve skin barrier function and reduces skin irritation over long term use. This serum dries comfortably matte post application and keeps skin hydrated all day long.

Customized Serum: Reduces Acne Development And Fades Away Acne Spots
The last step in your recommended skin care regimen is addressing moderate acne. This step reduces microbial activity and resultant acne. Your ideal acne skincare product is SkinKraft’s Acne Total Clear Solution, 30ml for your acne concerns with 5 – 10 whiteheads, blackheads, few tiny pimples, 0-2 pus pimples. Your acne product restricts acne development and fades spots created by previous acne.
GENTLE CUSTOMIZED SENSITIVE SKIN CLEANSER FOR EVERYDAY USE: Fragrance Free, Irritant Free skin cleanser customized to keep sensitive skin soothed and nourished while effectively cleansing texture causing dirt, dust or any other potential irritants off skin’s surface. The cleanser also hydrates and does not leave skin feeling uncomfortably dry or itchy post wash.
NON-COMEDOGENIC, CUSTOMIZED SENSITIVE SKIN MOISTURIZER: Improves damaged skin barrier typically seen in sensitive skin further helping reduce occurrence of dryness, itchiness or clogged pores. It hydrates skin with a weightless moisturizing formula that soothes sensitive and irritated skin leaving it soft and supple with a healthy glow.
CUSTOMIZED SERUM TO REDUCE ACNE & RECURRING BREAKOUTS: The Moderate Acne Active Serum directly addresses acne and breakouts with Niacinamide, a dermatologically approved acne ingredient for acne and texture improvement. This serum is more suitable for mild to moderate acne and recurring breakouts characterized by tiny pimples, clogged pores and occasional pus filled pimples.
BACKED BY SCIENCE: Designed by Dermato-Cosmetologists, Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Engineers, with no Parabens, SLS, Formaldehyde, and Phthalates. Customized products that are 100% safe and effective for your skin.

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